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Pantry Organization Just Got Even Better With This Dollar Tree Basket Hack

Sep 28, 2023Sep 28, 2023

If your pantry is overflowing with snacks and your spices are lined up like soldiers so you can only see the labels in the first row, it is time for a revamp. Organizing your pantry will optimize space, give you a better grasp of your food supply, and ease your mind. Because who doesn't get satisfied when they see a neat and tidy area?

Unfortunately, most pantries only come with flat shelves for storage, which isn't the best use of the limited space. However, you can create your own stockpile structure organizers for a low cost with this Dollar Tree basket hack. All you need is a step shelf, plastic baskets, zip ties, and scissors. You can find all these items to organize your pantry at your local Dollar Tree or other discount store. This tiered organization is ideal for deep shelves, as it allows easy access to items in the back. Plus, you can complete this DIY in less than an hour, so your pantry shelves will be fully organized in no time.

Here is how I made the tiered baskets for my cabinet using items from the dollar tree! So much easier to organize our snacks now. #dollartree #minimalizemymess

To piece together this storage hack, you'll need to tie one basket to each level of the step shelf. Start with the middle basket to ensure there is enough room for each of the bins. Weave one zip tie on the left side through a hole in the basket and around a wire on the step shelf. Repeat this process on the right side. Then, trim the extra length of the zip ties. Now, you have the middle basket secured.

Using the same method, connect the top and bottom baskets to the other levels of the step shelf. The final product will be three baskets in a staggered height. You can make one of these floating bins for each rack in your kitchen storeroom. This DIY storage is a must-have update to your pantry, but it is also perfect for every closet in your home. Try using it to store cleaning products or toiletries in your bathroom.