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Sea Of Stars: How To Get All Docarri Seal Fragments

Jun 17, 2023Jun 17, 2023

This guide breaks down how to gather all the Docarri Seal Fragments in Sea of Stars.

Soon after you acquire the ability to fly in Sea of Stars, you may catch a glimpse of many islands scattered across the ocean on your world map.

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These small islands may be home to Solstice shrines, secret fishing spots, or sunken Docarri ruins. Sunken Docarri Ruins are an extension of the Docarri Underwater Area, but this time they house riddles and puzzles instead of fish people. There are three of them that you must find and solve to earn Docarri Signet Fragments and get your hands on Resh'an's ultimate weapon.

The method for reaching each sunken Docarri ruin is the same. You must first fly to the northwest edge of the map, where you will find a very small floating island with only a small button on it.

Upon landing and stepping on this button, four large sunlight solstice mechanisms will emerge from the water, and you will need to adjust the position of each mechanism so that it illuminates the underwater path next to it.

Once this is done, the path to each ruin will be revealed as a small water spiral that you can dive into and ascend right in front of the ruin and puzzle.

The northwestern, southwestern and southeastern spirals each contain a ruin and a seal fragment, while the northeastern spiral that's close to the Skylands contains the door into which you must place the seal fragments to unlock.

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The way into the ruins for this Docarri Seal is the most obvious, and it's right under the floating island with the button you press to make these mechanisms appear in the first place, so it's pretty much the first Docarri Seal ruins you'll lay eyes on when you start this quest.

Don't forget that there is a chest on the far right that you can also reach with the floating wooden block. Inside you will find a valuable sapphire ingot that you can sell for a lot of money.

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The Sunlight Mechanism can be found just to the left of the Skyward Shrine that leads to Skylands. Once inside, you will also need the upgraded key item 'Cobalt Hammer' to unlock another water spiral that will take you to the ruins, but you should already have the hammer long before you get the flying ability.

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The Docarri Seal Ruin containing this seal is right next to Evermist Island. More specifically, it's inside a small crescent rocky archipelago to the right of Evermist Island, and it will be very obvious that something is there. When you interact with the sunlight mechanism, a water spiral will open up inside the archipelago, and you can dive into it to reach the runes containing Docarri Seal Fragment C.

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The final Sealed Docarri Ruins are located next to the Settlers island, and the sunlight mechanism isn't too far away from them either. Just fly straight to the right of the small floating island with the button we mentioned at the beginning, and you will see the sunlight mechanism almost immediately. Then, bypass the Settlers island to find the water spiral it leads to.

Putting the seals on the door is a very straightforward process, but beware; right after opening the door, you will face a powered-up version of the Sea Slug boss you fought before. It's not particularly challenging, considering you now have five party members, but its bomb children can still be annoying if not dealt with quickly. The fight will take at least 10 minutes.

After the fight, you'll enter a room with two chests, one containing a Rainbow Conch, and another that's actually empty because Resh'an already has his ultimate weapon: Aetherwood Cork. He has just never used it before. Resh'an will take it out of his cloak when you're frustrated with the empty chest and give it to you, surprising everyone and ending the quest once and for all.

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