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Top events at this year's Mountain View Art & Wine Festival

Jun 30, 2023Jun 30, 2023

This year's Mountain View Art &Wine Festival will take place Sept. 9 and 10 in scenic Mountain View.The annual festival draws locals and tourists alike with its invitingmulticultural atmosphere, craft wine tasting, and 350 vendors.

"Nothingshowcases the amazing and diverse aspects of Mountain View like the Art &Wine Festival. Outstanding artists, fantastic musicians, tantalizing food,beloved businesses and activities allthroughoutthe downtown area," said Mountain View Chamber of Commerce CEO Peter Katz. "Every year wemake refinements to the celebration and this year we've made it extra specialwith additional displays, craft wineries, and new activities, while keeping thebest loved traditions intact."

Voted the best festival by locals for over a decade, itwill showcase art and invite visitors to actively participate in the creativeprocess. Here are the top events to check out.

Italian street painting

Art isn't just displayed at the festival — it'screated .

"Throughout the two-dayfestival, California Street, between Castro and Hope, will become the canvasfor a talented lineup of Madonnari — street painters — where they willcompletely transform the street into a masterpiece," said Ronan Fowler, event organizer with Miramar Events.

Each of five artists will create a 10-by-10 foot piece ofstreet art using chalk pastels. The work will be ongoing throughout both daysof the festival.

Additionally, children will have the chance to create theirown street art in smaller squares with a box of chalk for $10 per square.

Dancepark and paint temple

The festival invites visitors to participate in the art atthe DJDancepark and the collaborative paint temple at the corner of Castroand Dana. Attendees can listen to music while learning how to curate the paintthey want to use, donning an apron and choosing a location to paint.

This year's paint temple theme is "what fills your lifewith joy?" and participants will be encouraged to reflect on the theme and whatit means to them. The temple is covered with an intricate design similar to a coloringbook, and participants have the opportunity to come and bring the design tolife.

All ages can participate, from children to adults.

Activities for children

Kids who sign up beforehand havethe opportunity to perform on stage, and visitors are invited to appreciatetheir talents both days of the festival.

"Every year the community is in awe of how exceptionallytalented our younger residents are with their show-stopping performances, andare honored with their participation in the event year after year," Fowlersaid.

Additionally, a park for kids will feature a bungee jumptrampoline, giant inflated balls that allow participants to walk on water,crafts, face painting and robotic demonstrations.

Special this year

This year festivalgoers will be able toenjoy St. Francis Winery's Straight From The Vine mobile wine bar andtasting experience, meet the characters in "Gabby's Dollhouse: Gabby On TheGo!" road show and check outthe festival swag tent featuring aselection of branded merchandise.

Getting to the festival

Access to the festival is available by publictransportation, or there is parking nearby.

The venue entrance is anexpansive public transportation hub including a Caltrain Station. There are alsoseveral free city parking lots, staffed paid parking lots, free bicycle parkingat Church and Castro and a rideshare drop-off and pick-up at California andBryant.

For more information on the Mountain View Art & WineFestival, visit

The Mountain View Art and Wine Festival , held this year on Sept. 9 and 10, is one ofthe largest and most beloved festivals in the Bay Area. Admission is free tothe event, which will feature more than 350 of the region's finest artists andcraft-makers, stellar live music, tons of activities, food and drink.

Italian street paintingDancepark and paint templeActivities for childrenSpecial this yearGetting to the festival