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Woman Shares Her Perfect 'Lazy Girl' Decor Hack Anyone Can Use

Oct 15, 2023Oct 15, 2023

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Did you know that decor doesn't have to be hard?

It's true! In fact, decorating, and doing it well, doesn't have to be something that you stress out over or take hours to do. As Taylor Smart on Pinterest shares, you can easily decorate your entire space with something as simple as some wicker baskets and a few tossed-together pieces of decor!

So, if you want to be a 'lazy' home decorator (while still keeping things looking amazing, by the way), start by grabbing yourself some sort of basket. The video shows several plain looking wicker baskets, which you can buy cheaply from just about any dollar store or even your local Wal-Mart.

Next, put a screw or nail in your wall and make sure that it is sturdy. From there, literally just put your basket up on the wall. Okay, no, that isn't ALL you have to do. I would recommend you use two, three, or even four baskets in a pattern on the wall - however many you need to fill up the space.

From there just go ahead and put in a couple nick-nacks or other decor slash display items or, if you are using something like this in the bathroom, you can even use it to keep extra toilet paper up out of the way! You can also wrap faux ivy or other flowers behind and through the wicker as well.

Essentially, these wicker baskets serve as the main base for anything you want to add without you having to hem-haw and worry about floating shelves or anything else. Pick decor items in the same or similar colors as your space, and show off anything you'd like to use as a focal point! Best of all, you can use this 'hack' in pretty much any room of your house!