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Escape Academy: Tea 'n' Tea Solution

Jul 11, 2023Jul 11, 2023

Escape Academy's Tea 'n' Tea puzzle tasks players with disarming a bomb, but completing this task will require quite a bit of detective work.

Tea 'n' Tea is a challenging mission in Escape Academy, as it requires players to disarm a bomb with a harsh 25-minute time limit. Naturally, this isn't a straightforward process either, as there are multiple steps needed to even unlock the box that the bomb is in. Solving this puzzle can take just a few minutes if players know what they are doing, but players trying to solve it blindly will likely get dangerously close to running down the 25-minute timer. By the end of the mission, players will have used their knowledge of chemistry, a Russian/English dictionary, and of course, wire cutters to disarm a bomb.

Escape Academy is most fun when players can puzzle out the solutions themselves, but given how convoluted some of the puzzles can be, there's nothing wrong with getting a bit of help. Below is the solution to all parts of the puzzle as well as explanations for how players could arrive at those solutions on their own.

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This mission can be broken up into four main steps: Unlocking the bomb, solving the left-side puzzle, solving the right-side puzzle, and cutting the wires on the bomb.

When approaching the bomb, players will notice that it requires two keys to unlock. These keys can be found in the Police Van and the Flower Van, both of which are parked outside. This is actually the easy part, as both vans are left with doors open and keys in the ignition. Simply head to both vans, hop in the driver's seat, and grab the keys. Bring the keys back to the bomb and put one in each lock to unlock the contraption.

The left side of the bomb shows a series of six switches, each labeled with a number. At the bottom of this panel is a radio tower symbol showing 900 AM. Players need to head back to either of the vans and listen to the radio. Tune the radio into the 900 AM channel, and players will hear the following message: "Alpha Up. Bravo Down. Charlie Down. Delta Down. Echo Up. Foxtrot Up."

This corresponds to the switches on the inside of the bomb. All switches start in the down position, so all players need to do is flip the "A," "E," and "F" switches up and then press the checkmark. This will reveal wires on the left side of the bomb.

Solving the right side is significantly more involved and requires players to think outside the box to disarm the bomb. Here players will see eight buttons, and they must illuminate them in a certain pattern. The pattern can be found on the inside of the semi-truck, but the back door must be blown off with a bomb first. This means players will need to find the recipe for the bomb, gather all of the chemicals needed, and then mix them in the right amounts.

Head back to the bomb and look at the top half to find a tea recipe for three. Take this over to the blue tent and look at the box with a teapot on it. The note says, "One cup of tea. It's just for me." This indicates that players need to use the tea recipe but divide the numbers by three since the recipe is Tea for Three. The code is 1-4-3 (3÷3=1; 12÷3=4; 9÷3=3). Open this to find the Door Buster Bomb recipe.

Now players know they will need RDX, Solvent, and Plasticizer in order to make the Door Buster Bomb. Plasticizer is found in the same box as the recipe, but players will need to seek out the other two ingredients. Take the Police Keycard off the wall of this tent and then head outside to find a locked toolbox in front of a sign that reads NaNO. To get the code, head over to the police van and open the back door with the keycard.

There's a Periodic Table of Elements on the left wall that will give players the code. Na = 11, N = 7, and O = 8. This means the code for the box is 1-1-7-8. Inside, players will find a Russian/English Dictionary and a keycard for the flower van. Open up the flower van, and players will find RDX sitting on the back wall as well as a Map of the Quad.

The Solvent can easily be found sitting in the back of the police van on the right side. With all three chemicals in hand, place them into the bomb-making device in the police van and set the percentages to match the Door Buster Bomb recipe (>50% RDX, <30% Solvent, >20% Plasticizer). The numbers all need to match up to 100%, meaning players will need to set the percentages to 60% RDX, 10% Solvent, and 30% Plasticizer.

Now players are finally ready to solve the right-side bomb puzzle. Use the Door Buster Bomb to blow open the back of the semi-truck. Inside, players will find a screen showing a bomb type on the right and a solution to the puzzle on the left. Click the remote on the table until the image on the right matches the bomb players are defusing, and then make a note of the pattern. Input that pattern at the bomb, and it will reveal another set of wires.

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The final step to defusing the bomb is determining which wires to cut. Right next to the flower van is a box with a grid and some Russian words. Use the Russian/English Dictionary players found earlier to translate the words into "3 Red Bouquets."

Now look at the Map of the Quad, and players will notice six locations marked with a question mark. Each of these has a colored flower in it, and players need to find out which three grid squares have red flowers. Head back to the box and illuminate the three corresponding spots on the map that have red flowers. This rewards players with a VHS Tape and a pair of Clippers.

Bring the tape to the projector in the blue tent and then use the Russian/English dictionary to determine which wires to cut. Each frame will give a color and then yes or no. Players can decipher that green and yellow are the wires that need to be cut. Head back to the bomb, use the Wire Cutters to cut the yellow wire on the left and the green wire on the right. Finally, press the Disarm button to complete the mission.

Escape Academy is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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