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Wine Press: 3 Italian box wines for under $8 a bottle

Jun 19, 2023Jun 19, 2023

A great friend of mine and I were recently talking about the problem with wine.

For the second year in a row, wine sales nationwide were down last year compared to the year before, according to an annual nationwide study I wrote about earlier this year. In particular, wine sales are way down for adults under 60 years old.

When I first heard this news, I blamed high wine prices – at stores last year in particular and at restaurants in general. I hate to say it but many restaurants charge a fortune for small glasses of fairly bland wines.

And even when you’re not at a restaurant, portion size can be a problem. Unless you’re sharing a bottle with someone else, you might be intimidated to open one. In general, a standard bottle contains four glasses of wine. And not everyone wants to drink two or three glasses of wine in one night.

So now you’re left with the rest of the wine in the bottle. And if you don’t drink the wine in a day or two, the wine often goes bad. I think that’s a big reason why many people don’t buy wine, especially given how much more wines cost these days.

That’s why I applaud winemakers who are shaking up their packaging, trying something new.

In recent years, wine in a can has been hailed as the key to attracting those younger, coveted consumers who only want a glass or two of wine.

But I also believe there’s another solution – go bigger.

In particular, I’m talking about box wines.

But first, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room.

Box wines have a bad reputation. When many people think of box wine, I think they think of bad wine.

But the reality is there are many, outstanding box wines out there.

And best of all, if you only want one glass of wine, you can pour exactly how much you want from the box. Then, the rest of the wine in the box stays fresh for far longer than wine in a bottle, especially when it comes to red wines. Out of a bottle, you need to drink the wine within a day or two after you open it. As for box wines, they often stay fresh for at least a month after you open them.

This week, you can learn more about three, great Italian wines that just happen to come in a box.

And another great selling point about these wines – the price.

Because box wines are bigger, you often get more bang for your buck.

The most expensive of the three, Italian box wines featured this week costs $29.99 for a three-liter box, which is the equivalent of four, regular-sized bottles of wine. That works out to $7.50 a bottle.

I’m not sure if you’ve been wine shopping recently, but it’s getting really hard to find great wines these days for under $10 a bottle.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m so excited about these three, distinct Italian wines.

Hope you enjoy them as well.

Wine tasting notes

Sandy Giovese Vino Rosso ($29.99 for 3 liter box at Provisions in Northampton)

Grapes: 85% sangiovese, 15% trebbiano

Tasting notes: This red wine suggests to “chill me.” You might be reluctant to do so. Chill a red wine? Trust me. Take their advice. This refreshing red wine tastes great slightly chilled. Hints of fresh cherries, raspberries and sea salt give this bright, lively, crisp red wine a wonderful flavor and finish. So don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try this delicious, chilled red box wine perfect for warm, sunny summer afternoons.

Rosie Giovese Vino Rosato ($29.99 Suggested Retail Price for 3 liter box)

Grapes: 60% sangiovese, 30% merlot, 10% lacrima

Tasting notes: This delightful, dry rose wine hits all the right notes for a perfect summer wine – refreshing, crisp, clean and easy drinking. Its flavors are also light and subtle and fragrant with hints of strawberry and raspberry. Trust me on this box wine as well – it’s a truly charming, understated wine that’s another outstanding bargain that will last for the rest of the summer after you open this box.

2020 Mise Montepulciano ($24.99 for 3 liter box at Provisions)

Grapes: 100% montepulciano

Tasting notes: This red wine from the Abruzzo region in central Italy’s easily one of my favorite wines of the summer. If you prefer your wines more on the austere and dry side, this outstanding wine’s a steal at roughly $6.25 a bottle. Hearty, meaty, flinty flavors include dried cherries, toasted almonds and dark chocolate. So trust me on this one as well. Think outside the box and give these Italian wines a try. You’ll save a ton, without sacrificing anything.


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