Gate 20

Gate 20

Package Size 300.00cm * 200.00cm * 300.00cm Package Gross Weight 500.000kg Fully Automatic Packing MachineProduct Advant
Basic Info.
Model NO. ZDB-001
Application Cleaning, Detergent, Drinks, Snack, Seasoning, Fertilizer
Type Filling and Sealing Machine
Forming Species Bag Moulding
Forming Function Filling, Seal
Driven Type Electric
Material Type Powder
Packaging Bag
Packaging Material Plastic
Packing Type Back Bag
Packing Speed 10-50 Bags/Min
Bag Size Customzied
Control System PLC+Touch Screen
Transport Package Standard Wooden Package
Trademark GATE
Origin China
Production Capacity 3-10t/H
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 300.00cm * 200.00cm * 300.00cm Package Gross Weight 500.000kg
Product Description
Fully Automatic Packing MachineProduct Advantage

Equipment structure
Automatic quantitative weighing (optional), automatic bag loading device, automatic bag warehouse bag transfer mechanism, bag guide mechanism, automatic flanging/sewing machine, automatic label machine (optional) finished product conveyor, etc., mainly complete automatic weighing and automatic bag loading. Automatic packing process with automatic filling, automatic folding and sealing functions.

Working process
Place a bag in the bag library Place a label in the label box → boot operation → bag taking mechanism automatically absorb a bag, organize and correct the deviation and transport a bag opening a bag a bag a set of bags (upper bag) → material filling → loose bag/holding bag/moving bag → label/folding/stitching → enter the next process (Palletizing, etc.).

Equipment characteristics
1. Low requirements on packing materials: non-permeable non-heat mouth woven bags, plastic bags, paper bags, non-woven bags, soft bags and hard bags. 2. Low requirements for packing bag uniformity: Permissible error for length direction uniformity :5-8cm for width direction uniformity :3-5cm. 3, can adapt to the multi-specification bag: length range :700cm-110cm width range :45cm-65cm.

Device function
1, unique and reliable detection technology, to ensure that the packaging bag in place detection, prevent materials due to the packaging bag is not in place and fall to the ground2, with no packaging bag, no label, broken wire, broken needle, jumper detection and alarm function.3, fault location function: when the equipment fault alarm, the man-machine interface will have the fault point prompt, can guide the operator rapid diagnosis and processing.

What Can I Do For You

Our account manager will communicate with you the product requirements related to your machineWe offer free product plans, packaging drawings and 3D renderings to save your budgetWe will provide our own quotation and proof of our machinesWe have a professional R & D department, to provide you with the most professional technical supportWe can make granulation experiment according to your raw materials

On sale
During the production of the equipment, we will feed back the production progress to you We support customer on-site inspection, video inspection, third party inspection, factory inspection agency inspection We can provide certificate of origin, customs clearance and other certificates We offer you a free test service before the machine leaves the factory

After sale
If you need to install, we have a professional overseas installation team We will provide you with installation drawings or a video guide for making the installation We support to provide you with free accessories within one year of purchase of machine equipment We will provide a five year warranty on important parts of the equipment

Gate 20-30kg Packing and Sealing Machined Wood Pellets Fully Automatic Powder Packaging Machine

Gate 20-30kg Packing and Sealing Machined Wood Pellets Fully Automatic Powder Packaging Machine


Q: Can I use this production line to produce multi granularity particles?
Yes, our production line is multifunctional. We can customize ring moulds of different sizes. In this way, you can easily adjust the size of your ball.
Q: I know little about the fertilizer production line. How to choose the most suitable machine?
Just tell us your raw materials, capacity (tons / hour) and the size of the final particle product, and we will choose the machine for you according to your specific situation.
Q: Our workers don't know how to operate the production line. What should I do?
Our engineers will instruct the site workers on how to install the machines and build the workshop.And field test the production line, training workers how to operate.
Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We have a large factory in Jiaozuo, China, covering an area of 10000 square meters. Welcome to visit.
Q: What's the Production Period of the Fertilizer Machine?
For single fertilizer machine, our production time is 7 days;and for whole fertilizer production line, our production time is no more than 30 days.
Q: What's the Quality Guarantee and Certifications?
All of our machine have passed ISO and CE certification, we can guarantee the highest quality and our warranty time is 5 years after shipment date.